Mortgage Renewals

Mortgage Renewals & Home Financing in Cold Lake & Surrounding Communities

At the Mortgage Centre, we offer a variety of financing options and mortgage products from more than fifty lenders, investors, financiers, and trust companies that have been trusted by Canadian homeowners for decades. We are mortgage experts – who work for you! - specializing in home purchases, mortgage refinancing, and mortgage renewals.

In today’s low rate environment, it is important for homeowners to take advantage of some of the lowest rates in decades, especially when they are faced with a mortgage renewal, because as many as 70% of homeowners simply return the lender’s notice to avoid the hassle.

But have your financial needs changed since you bought or refinanced your home? At the time of mortgage renewals, it is the perfect opportunity to –

  • Take advantage of lower rates.

  • Grab some equity to purchase a vacation home or an investment property.

  • Consolidate high-interest debt into one affordable monthly payment.

  • Tap some equity for home improvements or a backyard swimming pool/spa.

  • Let many lenders compete for your business, which allows you to choose from among more than one mortgage product or interest rate.


If you are ready to begin our streamlined, professional mortgage process, please use the 10-minute, no-obligation, no-cost application we offer on our website. If you still need expert mortgage advice, please contact Bailey Coats, our licensed mortgage professional at 780-573-0002 or, if it is your preference, you can –


As a convenience, the Mortgage Centre, Hometown Team, offers a free proprietary app (available on Google Play or the App Store) in five languages.

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