Important Considerations at Mortgage Renewal

Maturing Mortgage Fact #1

Did you know that close to 70% of people sign a mortgage renewal without thinking twice! 

Yes, This is an easy way to lock in a rate, but it many cases it is not be the best rate.

Yes, Contacting an independent Mortgage Professional, who will work for you, can get you a BETTER rate. 

As you approach this important financial milestone, you could make significant savings by reviewing your options with a Mortgage Broker. This is the best time to look at the many innovative mortgage options and competitive rates available. 

Maturing Mortgage Fact #2

Your current lender has no incentive to offer you the best possible rate if you sign your initial renewal form. 

The best situation for you is to see multiple lenders competing for your business so they offer you the best rates for your situation. You can achieve this by having a Mortgage Broker deal directly with many lending institutions including banks, credit unions and trusts on your behalf.

Maturing Mortgage Fact #3

You benefit from using a Licensed Mortgage Professional - Bailey Coats Mortgages

With a maturing mortgage, it is time for you to evaluate the big picture. Have your mortgage needs changed? Do you have big dreams that a new mortgage could help bring to life? A Mortgage Broker can can create the best mortgage strategy for you, and you could have more options than you realize – you could have access to equity for a home improvement project, you could consolidate high-interest debt with your mortgage, or you could free up funds to finance a vacation home. 

When you get that renewal notice, don’t just sign on the line. You will miss the chance to get the most favourable rate, term, and conditions. When it’s time to renew your mortgage, give Bailey Coats a call. I'll provide an unbiased review of your current renewal offer and help you get the best deal possible on your new mortgage.