What's a Mortgage Broker?

As a Mortgage Professional, I am happy to have the opportunity to help Canadians secure the financing for their biggest investment, their home. I realize however that my profession is misunderstood, and many are under the impression that I only work with people who have bruised credit or are in business for themselves. While in reality, the vast majority of my business is lowest rate, A business.

I realize how important it is for me to educate and remind my network on exactly what I do, and when someone might want to use my services.

Here is some information to help you understand a little more of how I help my clients:

  • I work with Canada’s leading Financial Institutions including major Banks, Trust Companies, and Credit Unions. They include Scotiabank, TD, Home Trust, MCAP, Coast Capital, and many others.

  • My company, Mortgage Architects together as a member of the DLC Group, sends more than 40 billion dollars in mortgage volume annually. Because we are the biggest in the country, our lenders provide us with a variety of mortgage products, exceptional rates, fast turnaround times and flexibility with approvals.

  • When you use me to find you the very best mortgage for your needs, and negotiate on your behalf, typically there is no cost to you. The lender compensates me for finding and bringing them business, and I am compensated after I arrange the mortgage for you.

  • The compensation is the same regardless of what lender you choose, and it is NOT built into your mortgage rate.

  • Some of our lenders specialize in providing mortgages for clients who are self-employed, contract employees, have seasonal income, have trouble proving income, or lack some of the standard documentation. I have seen many different situations and am backed by an experienced team in getting unconventional mortgages approved.

  • Many consumers think their bank will automatically give them the best rates because they have been a loyal customer for many years, have multiple accounts, or have high account balances. Don’t fall into that trap. That kind of thinking has cost many clients thousands of dollars in unnecessary interest.

  • I am a fully licensed and educated mortgage professional and am governed by the regulator in the provinces that I do mortgages in. The safety and security of your personal information is of utmost importance and all discussions, documentation and file management are completely confidential at all times.

  • Often clients make the time-consuming mistake of going to multiple lenders themselves, attempting to negotiate the best rates. Each time a Financial Institution pulls your credit report, your credit score actually drops. Sometimes the very exercise of trying to find the most competitive mortgage disqualifies you from qualifying. At Mortgage Architects, we forward your credit report electronically to our lenders so that it isn’t pulled over and over.

  • The interest rates today are at an all-time low. If you, like so many other Canadians, have high interest credit card debt, department store debt, line of credit debt or other outstanding payments, now might be the ideal time to refinance your existing mortgage and consolidate it all into one simple payment. Consolidation can sometimes reduce your monthly payments by more than a thousand dollars per month. I would be happy to calculate the saving for your specific situation.

In summary, I am your trusted mortgage advisor and I work for you, not the banks. It’s my job to provide you with timely, expert advice and make certain my clients have the very best mortgage products for their specific situation. Your business is very important to me!

Contact me for a complete mortgage review at your convenience, but remember the lowest rates won’t last long.

I am never too busy for your introductions and will take amazing care of anyone you think may find my services valuable.

Bailey Coats

Mortgage Expert

Text or Call 780-573-0002